Garcia tried to sound like he was speaking from the heart?

It’s a typical sticky summer afternoon in Taft, a sorghum and cotton town in San Patricio County named for President Taft’s half-brother Charles. With temperatures close to 100 degrees, it’s not a comfortable day to be on the streets, but when you’re running for a lower office like state representative, you run a shoe-leather campaign. This is Juan Garcia’s first shot at elected office, and he knows what he needs to do.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I spoke to Rep. Juan Garcia and as usual, he gave me a typical politician's answer.

Taft Council
Posted on July 30, 2007 at 02:08:19 AM by On Stand By

Can someone please confirm the following for me. Is it true the new Mayor was taken in to the hospital for a cocaine overdose? A lot of people are talking about it. I would like to ask Mr. Rivera this myself. I wonder if there's a way to get a hold of ambulance paper work on this. I spoke to Rep. Juan Garcia and as usual, he gave me a typical politician's answer. It also appears that the new click in the council is acting out of spite instead of best interest for Taft and it's citizens. Back to his supposed drug use, I think I'm going to do some snooping around and see what I can turn over to the FBI.

Re(1): taft mayor
Posted on July 30, 2007 at 11:42:08 PM by Green Hornet

The name of the game is cronism. The mayor OWES and it's time to pay the piper. Besides it takes a crook to catch a crook. I ask that everyone gather their friends and attend the city council meetings, they have been a spectical, they have left me with my mouth open. It's been quite the circus what with everyone being told to shut up or be dragged out and let's not forget "I don't care about the city employees". The next time the sewage line gets plugged up, maybe the employee may not care enough to show up either. Let's remember these clowns when elections come up. The ball will be in our court then and WE need to step up to the net.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Taft Texas where Religion is Yanquied for Political Influence and Funding by Justicia

Is this a case of Dr. Jekell & Mr. Hyde?
Posted on May 10, 2006 at 10:19:16 PM by justicia

It is amazing to me that the spouse of a Pastor, can publish a paper full of hipocrasy & call it the "Christian Herald" when it should really be called the "Gossip Gazette" or in Spanish if you wish - "El Chisme! It is disappointing to think that these are the very people that we look to for guidance & what are they showing us by their example? Are they saying it is ok to bash someone when you really do not have the story straight but it is ok to allow your personal feelings to get in the way & cloud your judgement? Are they saying that it is ok to judge when Jesus Christ stated that it was not ok to do this? I have lived in this town (Taft) for close to 50 years & I think I know the people better than a person or people that has been here for under 5 years - if that. I can really think & make up my mind about who people are & not have to read about it in the "Christian Herald". I was very excited when the publication started thinking one could gain from it. One could use its message of love & forgiveness to get us through the tough times we must face day to day - but much to my regret it is the very opposite thing. I no longer bother to pick up the publication & it can sit & rot on the street where it landed! Every time I see one on the street it brings to mind the time Mary Magdelene was running from those that would stone her & Jesus asking those that condemned her if they were free of sin. As I recall he stood there & not a single person threw a stone knowing that they too were guilty of sin. He went on to ask Mary Magdelene if anyone had condemned her & she responded none. Jesus at that point said that he also would not condemn her to go & sin no more. Mary turned her life around because she felt the love & forgiveness coming from this amazing man. If Jesus could refrain from going around pointing out people's sins who is anyone to judge & condemn (especially representives of the cloth)? I can accept that lay people such as I could behave this way but church leaders??? From scripture I recall Jesus as going out among the sinners & befriending them (gaining their love & respect in the end) & turning their lives from sin due to his example. I recall that he invited the children to come to him & he loved every minute of the time he spent with them. In the parabel about the prodigal son, the greedy son was not condemned but welcomed back with open arms - can the spouse of the pastor (& ultimately the pastor for condoning this behaviour - you know the saying guilty by association) say they lead by example? It does not seem so by their actions. I think these people have done themselves a great disservice when they allowed their personal feelings to come into play. They had such a great opportunity to use this publication for a much greater good rather than what it is being used for - it is indeed a shame! If this is what one calls a Christian (I know better than that) than thank God I am not in their congregation. I truly hope that they will reflect on this & pray about it for it would be great to one day see truly positive & neutral messages. If I may quote Jesus: Give to Caesar what is Caesar's (government) but give to God what is God's (souls). I can see where it is best to keep the church & state apart. Peace to all!